Adding Your Analytics Data

Do you have a Google analytics account or Piwik Analytics installation? SEHabitat currently pulls analytics data from both to display in your reports.

Note: Prefer another analytics solution? Let us know and we will work to integrate it with SEHabitat for you.

Alright, let’s go over quickly how to integrate an analytics profile with your SEHabitat account, so you can see things like visitors and stuff in you reports.  So I’m at the dashboard, going over here to the top right, the Settings tab and click on General.  Scroll all the way to the bottom and then still place at the bottom, Analytics Profiles Link your third party analytics tracking accounts.

Alright, and on this page, you will see in the future a list of all analytics profiles that you have authorized on this account.  So let’s go ahead and click Add Profile.  And I’m going to use Piwik analytics platform in this demo video.  In the future I’m going to add a Google Analytics demo video but Piwik is the one that’s a little more complicated to use anyway.  So you should have no problem linking your analytics account.  With that said, I still want to make a video on it as soon as I get a demo account setup.

Alright, so in description, let’s just put Piwik Demo Account and in Service choose Piwik.  By the way, as I’ve mentioned before, if you have another analytics platform you like to use besides these two, then let me know because we can probably get it integrated pretty quickly for you, alright?  And go ahead and click Create Profile.  So now that profile is created and we got to authorize it, okay.

Now Piwik is just here, you add your stuff here.  With Google Analytics, it takes you to a Google page then ask you to confirm and then it’s done, it’s all automatic so you don’t have to like enter URLs or anything.  So anyway, I’m going to go ahead and put in just like in the example text below, and for the API Auth Token, it’s anonymous.  Let’s go ahead and click Add Token.  And you’ll see, you successfully authorized your SEHabitat to access your Piwik Analytics Data.

Alright, so in the next video or one of the next videos, I’ll show you how to add your first website and then I’m going to hook up the analytics profile to that website and so we will have the visitor data showing there, okay?

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