Managing Your Menus

WordPress allows you to easily manage your site’s menu, although this many not be apparent the first time. In fact, a fresh WordPress installation doesn’t use the easy menu system at all – you have to manually hook it up yourself.

At this point, however, you have already learned the different custom post types and have added them to your affiliate site. Here, I will simply show you how the menu works once your site goes live, as well as the order of the sub-menu items in your drop-down menu.

The menu should look like this:


There’s Home, Reviews, Types (i.e. products), Tutorials, and Contact pages.

  • Reviews should contain your product reviews. You can also find Feature Pages on the sidebar.
  • Types is where your site visitors can find more information about the product they’re looking for. Guides are also found here.
  • Tutorials is a page where you list down all your tutorials/how-to articles. It’s like a blog, but it’s solely for tutorials. It’s a great quality signal for a website.

Quick Tip:

If you want to customize your menu system, simply go to your WordPress admin panel. From the sidebar, click on Appearance, and then on Menu.


Here, you can add, remove, or drag and drop your menu and sub-menu items.

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