Importing The Demo Content

Now that you’ve installed the Authority Pro theme, it’s time to import the demo content to keep you going. Follow these simple steps to importing content to your website.

Step 1:

Go to your WordPress admin panel (Dashboard) and click on Authority Pro.


Step 2:

Under General Settings, click on Import Demo Data, which is found right below the menu. Then, click on the Import Demo Data Now button.


Step 3:

You will then be asked to map the authors in this export file to users on your site. For each author, you can choose to map an existing user on your site or to create a new user.


Under Important Attachments, make sure to click on the ‘Download and import file attachments’ box. Once you’re ready, click on Submit.

It will take you about 2 to 3 minutes to import your demo content. Posts, Pages, and Menu will be imported.

Step 4:

Once you’re done importing your demo content, it’s time to import demo widgets. Install and activate the Widget Importer & Exporter plugin, and then import the demo.widgets.wie file that comes with the theme package.


import widgets

Step 5:

Once you’ve activated the plugin, go to Tools from the sidebar, and then click on Widget Importer and Exporter.


Under Import Widgets, click on Choose File, select the Demo Content folder, and then choose demo.widgets.wie.

import widgets

Once you’re done, click on the Import Widgets button.

That’s it! Your website will now be populated with the Authority Pro theme’s demo content.

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