What Is Focus?

So what is focus? When we’re talking about focus, we’re not talking about your ability to focus and sit down at work, what we’re talking about is business focus, right? The thing that limits your business from producing the amount of revenue that would allow you to live a more comfortable life or that would allow you to sell your company for a large sum of money, that would allow you to retire, there’s different goals that you might have and focus is the ability to drill in on the things that matter most, when they matter most and actually being able to leverage those things to make your business grow.

So when we’re talking about focus really, we’re talking about the ability to filter out equally important things in order to get things done from a business point of view.

So if your business is in the business of selling flowers, you should be focusing on flowers, right? You should not be selling oranges. Flowers is what your business is all about so that’s your focus. So what we’re going to be doing in this course is sharpening your ability to focus your business based on what you want to achieve and based on what your business vision is.

The complicated part obviously is actually being able to focus your business without actually losing meaning or without losing any of its excitement. The key here is for us to be able to take what you want your company to become and maybe to find that if you haven’t yet. Take that and then actually distill it into actionable steps and figuring out what it all means and where you should be spending your energy taking all that into account.

So in order for me to actually be able to give you all of these information, I don’t think that theory will work great, so what I’m going to be doing is using a case example. A startup that our mentor agreed to let me use them as an example and I think that it makes it to a sense that I’m actually helping them right now if something like this. So I’ll be in a position to help show you guys what their story is and how we came about focusing their business and you’ll see how it’s being done as we move forward in this case.

So Spoil is actually a really cool startup. Basically what they do is they allow you to send anonymous gift to somebody that you know, so you would basically be doing something like, “Oh there’s this really great, cute girl at work. I really want to reach her. I somehow got her phone number but I don’t want to call her. I’m not sure what to do next. I’ll send her an anonymous gift that might hint towards me,” or maybe, “My spouse and I got into a fight and I’ll send her a thank you note or a sorry note,” or you know, it’s being able to use a gift to kind of send a message, so that’s what they do. It cost 30 bucks, you give them the phone number of the person that you want to spoil and they basically handle the rest like a concierge service.

So Spoil actually needed to figure out what to focus on, right, because there are so many ways for them to go about taking this idea and actually going about and making it happen. So focus matters because it’s the most important ingredient to your success.

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