Why Does Focus Matter?

Focus is what allows you to make educated decisions on where to go next with your business and focus is the energy that drives you to work at 3AM. I mean, you know, these things that you do that allow you to go out of your way to actually making things happen for your business and basically drilling in to those things and filtering all the rest out because you’re so aware of what the outcome will be if you focus on that one thing and get it done. You’re focusing when you’re spending time on the thing that is mostly likely to grow your business.

So focus in other words, really, it enables execution and execution is it’s all the rage these days, right? We hear about this idea of how your execution act as a multiplier for the potential of your company.

So if your company actually has a pretty good idea, right? But you don’t have any focus the potential for you actually doing good is just as bad as if your idea was bad from the get go.

So you need three things to make things happen, right? You need a great idea, you need a great, great execution and then you need focus to actually execute properly. So there’s almost like three levels that you can look at. So imagine you didn’t have any focus, the potential for you actually to make things happen is zero and you’re screwed. Whereas if you just spend a little bit of time on the right beings, maybe due to luck or maybe because you have a good intuition for a certain business category, then you might be able to extract a limited execution potential. But where you want to be is where you know specifically why you’re doing something, where you’re doing it, for who you’re doing it, what will happen once you do it, what should happen if it doesn’t happen, these things multiply the potential for your success. So in other words, these things are defined as focus.

So the more focus you’re able to put in to your work, the higher the potential for what you’re doing and the higher the chances of success actually being a large success. So it’s like compounding the potential of your potential, if that makes any sense.

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