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Premium WordPress themes – like the Ultimate Authority Pro theme – come with a custom theme options page. The theme options page is found in your WordPress admin panel (dashboard). Mostly, you can find this page under the Appearance menu. This allows you to change some of the settings on your WordPress theme.

The Ultimate Authority Pro theme, on the other hand, has its own theme settings menu (Authority Pro) found on top of the Appearance menu. Here, you can edit the company logo, upload a new favicon, change the stylesheet, add Google Analytics code, add custom CSS, etc. You can also provide your theme with your social media profiles so it’s easier to link them in some parts of your theme.

authority pro

From the theme options page, you can also edit your Homepage, Post Types, and Contact Form. On top of these, you can also change the background color or theme skin under Skin Settings, as well as the fonts and font size under Typography. There’s also a Sidebar Manager for customizing your sidebars. You can also use the theme options page on plugins to change and customize their settings.


So that’s a quick tour of the Ultimate Authority Pro theme’s options page. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to drop them below.

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