Doing Everything Is Doing Nothing!

Now strategy is about fitting the building blocks, right? You want to be able to do the right things but doing everything equates to doing nothing. As of now it should be clear to you that doing the random actions everyday right, like oh, I’m going to wake up today and I’m going to set up a Facebook campaign or oh hey, I’m going to wake up today, I’m going to go setup a supplier agreement. You might not even need a supplier yet you’re doing these random actions with the hope almost that in aggregate, they’ll end up growing your business but the truth is that these random actions everyday won’t produce anything that resembles a successful business.

You should be treating your time like it’s worth a thousand dollars an hour and be ruthless with how you elect to spend that time. So if you end up adopting this way of thinking, you’ll develop the discipline to take a step back and actually distill the actions that you are taking or about to take and in an ideal situation, you would be able to figure out is what I am doing doesn’t make sense, right? Should I be doing this today or should I be doing this tomorrow? If something comes up while I’m working on something, it’s having the discipline to shut that out and finish what you’re doing and focus on your execution for today’s tactics.

Now in order for you to be able to have this discipline and be solid enough that you won’t actually crumble when things start changing like requirements start changing or you’re over budget or the timing is really starting to go crazy, what you want to do is use a methodology, the Lean Methodology, it’s very popular nowadays at start ups and try to stay lean and agile, right? So what you can do is every month, sit down and think about your vision, right? If you were to create a map, right, a timeline where the end goal is your vision actually happening, where are you on this timeline today and what should you be doing this month as part of your grand plan to keep the needle moving forward, right?

So every month you’ll sit down and you’ll think about what needs to be done to score your goals for this month, then you’ll bailed a four-part plan, right? One for each week because your whole month will be split into four weeks and then each week will feed into the next.

If you do this every day, each thing you do and you execute and focus on will be so high quality that you’ll feel like you’ve multiply the value of your business by an order of magnitude. You’ll sleep better, your bank account will thank you, every morning you’ll wake up, you’ll know what needs to be done, you’ll take a look at what you’ve done yesterday, you’ll know what needs to be done today, you know what will happen tomorrow if you do it with the things today. All of these things start to come together once you gain a clear understanding of your vision, how you go about strategizing to make that vision happening and then how you go about executing on that vision.

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