Tips and Rules for Your Ad Images

When creating a Facebook ad, image is the most important thing, as it can make or break your ad. It’s the first thing that catches the eye of your visitor so without a nice attention-grabber, you’ll have a difficult time attracting clicks.

That said, when creating and designing Facebook ads, you need to make sure to put effort into choosing images. In many cases, an image decides whether or not the ad becomes successful at all.

In this lesson, we are going to cover how to construct a Facebook ad.

Recommended Size

There are some technical specifications you need to keep in mind.

Facebook’s recommended image size is 1200 x 628px. Using this guideline to design an ad makes it look good everywhere it appears on Facebook and ensures that your images are high-quality.

Basically, the best image size for your Facebook ads depends on the type of ad you’re creating. Facebook has provided an Ads Guide for specs around the recommended ad image sizes for each type of ad.

These rules are set by Facebook so if you don’t follow them and choose an image that’s smaller or larger than the dimensions specified in the guide, the software will just resize your image in order to fit in the ad. In most cases, your ad image will come out strange. Also, Facebook does not support animated or flash images.

Text in the Image

If you have text in your ad image, you need to make sure it’s readable in the small format. And don’t forget to use the proper font. For text in the web interface, Facebook favors fonts like Lucia Grande for Mac and Tahoma for PC. For mobile, you can go for system defaults such as Helvetica Neue (iOS) and Roboto (Android).

You also need to keep in mind that Facebook ad images may not include more than 20% text. The recommended length is the number of characters of ad copy that could be displayed on smaller screens. In some cases, you need the 90-character pieces of text, explaining why Facebook users should click your ad. With that in mind, you need to use that space wisely and include any added value of your product and/or service. If not, you can provide an introduction of who you are, the name of your brand, where they can find or contact you, etc.

On the other hand, if it’s not necessary for you to use all 90 characters to convey your message, you don’t really have to. Some advertisers try to fill the field but if you think you can get your message through in just 50, stop there. It’s that simple.

For advanced Facebook marketers and advertisers, I would like to share with you a great resource, which is

Jon is one of the go-to people for learning Facebook ads, things like Power Editor, etc. Jon gets really advanced into it and he’s an excellent teacher; working really hard to make all these. He’s the Facebook guy, as he always stays up-to-date with the latest changes from Facebook.

Later in this course, I’ll cover how to construct a good ad, how to write good headlines, and many other important stuff. These, however, are on a whole other course so if you want to learn that, you’ll have to study all the stuff that I’m going to teach you here on BuildPath.

And while we’re on the topic of marketing, I’d like to recommend a book entitled Cashvertising. Definitely a must-read.

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