Choose A Campaign Type

There are 10 types of Facebook campaigns that will help you accomplish various goals for your business.

  1. Clicks to Website. Sending people important sections of your site to encourage them to visit your website.
  1. Website Conversions. This is probably what you use the most, where you run ads to perform certain actions (i.e. signup, purchase something).
  1. Page Post Engagement. Increasing likes, comments, shares, and views for your page posts.
  1. Page Likes. Building your audience by getting more people to like your page.
  1. Mobile app installs. Getting people to install your app.
  1. Mobile app engagement. People have already installed your app and you try to get them to use it more.
  1. Desktop App Installs/Engagement. Same concept as mobile, but for desktop apps.
  1. Offer Claims. Promoting an offer and adding a button along with your ad that allows people to claim the offer.
  1. Event Responses. Getting people to attend events in your page.
  1. Video Views. Can be used to get more people to watch your video.

Next time, I’m going to show you how to set up each type of campaign. Feel free to drop a question or comment below.

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