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I recently came across a new platform called Colibri IO. It’s a set of growth hacking tools and inbound marketing tools that lets you keep track of your brand online. Basically, it helps improve your visibility on social media, and even helps boost your rankings in search engines.

Let me take you on a quick tour as I explore this promising new platform.

  • Colibri IO is a shortcut to finding places online where you can engage with your audience, whether that’s commenting on blogs or answering questions in forums, replying to people on social media, etc. It speeds up the whole process of finding where those conversations are happening, and getting involved.
  • Basically, Colibri IO lets you monitor what other people say about your brand by collecting data across social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and forums. That way, it’s easier to discover who, where and what is talking about your brand.


Step 1:  Sign up for an account at Colibri IO. From there, you can add your website, then add related keywords and/or phrases. In this case, I added Facebook-related phrases.


Step 2: Click on one of the keywords/phrases. A number of related articles will appear, letting you know what people are saying about your chosen keyword/phrase.


In this example, we are going to read through the first blog post on the list, which is from ShutterStock. You can do so by clicking the “Reply” button.


Step 3: Read through the blog post and get a general idea of it.

BuildPath 3-1

If you have some tips or suggestions to share about the topic, you can take part in discussions and leave comments.

BuildPath 3-3

Now, you may not necessarily get an SEO-friendly backlink from that but you’ll be surprised how this might increase your online visibility.

BuildPath 3-2

In this case, I’ll get a link to my Facebook page and possibly get some traffic.

Step 4: Watch the video lesson above for a more in-depth tutorial! 🙂

As with any other tool, Colibri IO is not perfect. It is a relatively new platform so you might have to do some stuff manually for now. Obviously, it has a lot of potential but maybe with just a few little problems. It could be an issue with your browser of choice.

In spite of a few minor issues going on with Colibri IO, it’s a great tool with a lot of potential. It’s a real time-saver.

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