Traffic + Authority Boost #2: Add A Directory

Another effective way to grow your authority site even bigger is by adding a directory. You can also do this method for your new site to get traction fast and get your return of investment (ROI) quickly. This means lots of pages, more traffic, and more money!

Why Add a Directory to Your Site?

Adding a directory to your website comes with a lot of benefits.

  • Depending on your chosen niche or industry, adding a large directory could help attract an even greater amount of traffic to your site.
  • Directories can add tens of thousands of pages to your site. These pages will be targeted to longtail searches, so you pick up that extra traffic.
  • With increased traffic, you get more opportunities to convert potential clients and make more money in the long run.
  • Quality directories are a helpful resource to your site visitors.

Tempting, right? But the question is…


Where Do You Get the Data?

There are several ways for you to gather data for a large directory. Here are some of them:

  • Hire a web scraping expert. On oDesk, you can find and hire an expert in web scraping, one who can build databases of content.
  • Buy databases. Nowadays, you can easily buy databases from trusted database sellers online. My personal favorite is Oddity Software. This data vendor has a massive database collection that’s great for web developers, marketing research, as well as direct marketing.

So now that you know where to find data, it’s time to implement it on your website.


Implementing a Directory on Your Site

  • Hire a PHP developer. Adding a directory to your site can be tricky. If you can’t do it on your own or if you don’t already have one, consider hiring a PHP developer. For this, I prefer using oDesk.
  • Tell your PHP developer to code a simple directory that will match your current website’s design, and using data from the content database you purchased or created.
  • Once it’s finished, you will instantly have loads of new pages on your website, adding more helpful resources for your visitors.
  • Be creative. Think of ways to make each of these new pages as unique as possible, even if it means spinning a big article to make it 100% unique (for this, I use a tool called Spin Rewriter). It may sound semi-shady but it’s better than nothing.
  • To get more ideas on how you can increase the amount of unique content on each of these pages, you can also include social integrations, pulling data about a particular directory listing from Twitter or somewhere else, adding a map and other location-based data, checking out Yellowpages and other directory sites.

So that’s a quick summary of how you can add a directory to your site.

Comments? Questions? Feel free to drop them below.

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