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Links are essential search engine quantifier. Social media platforms not only work for brand exposure, but also help to build trusted backlinks and improve search engine rankings.

In most of the cases, links gained from social media sites are no followed. Still these links are extremely important.

Here’s your social media guide keeping link building in mind.

Secure all Profile Links

Did you know that there are over 500 social networking sites? Yes, I can feel your surprise. Imagine we just deal with 5-6 sites, whereas there are over 500 at our disposal.

The first step of social media link building is to secure the brand name. Go to, check username (i.e. your brand name) and just start signing up.

It secures the brand name forever on all the available social media sites.

Note: Use real image and interact with followers. Don’t just dump the sites with your article links; it doesn’t help.

Now, let’s see how social media link building pans out on some popular social networks.

Google+ Share influences Ranking

Though the claim is unofficial, webmasters opine that sharing on Google+ impacts search engine ranking. Further, the social network helps with bigger outreach.

Using Google+, a person can easily increase backlink count by sharing blog posts on the platform and getting ‘Circles’ to share it further. Moreover, with Google personalized searches, giving +1 vote on blog posts helps your network to land on your pages faster.

Share on Facebook

The referral data of popular webmasters surely shows Facebook on the top. With its massive user base, grabbing eyeballs on Facebook is simple, if not easy.

When you publish a new post, you may share it

  • on your Facebook profile feed
  • on niche relevant Facebook groups
  • on the Facebook Page of your Brand
  • by sponsored advertisement
  • by adding hashtags (#)

Spread everywhere. These five ways can easily bring a lot of visitors every single day. Of course, all this depends on how well people know you and like your activities.

Twitter calls for Specialization

It’s tough to get traffic from Twitter. Check your twitter feed. Hundreds of tweets come every minute. Therefore, what is the chance of ever getting any kind of engagement?

Very slim, I would say. But don’t lose hope.

Let me show you some numbers which will definitely encourage you.

Let’s say you have 1000 followers. Your tweet is seen by 100 and re-tweeted by 10. Those 10 re-tweeters have 1000 followers each, throwing your tweet in front of 10,000 people at once. Even if 1000 see it and 10 re-tweets it to their 1000 followers each, again it’s 10,000 potential people.

There are tools like JustRetweet that helps to enhance your Twitter presence. You can schedule re-tweets and share other tweets seamlessly.

Twitter works on the multiplier effect. If you’re active on Twitter and people actually know you, a good number of people will not only click the shared link, but they will also re-tweet it and sometimes, may even refer it on their own blogs or whatever publishing platform they use.

LinkedIn is Professional and so is Quora

Like Facebook, you can share updates on LinkedIn profile and groups. However, LinkedIn caters to a selective audience. It’s all about professionals and professionalism is expected.

Again, being nameless, faceless and link dumping won’t help. Curate the LinkedIn profile perfectly and be active on groups. Share your blog links as answers to people’s queries. Referral traffic and inbound links both increase altogether. The same logic applies to Quora.

Images Matter

Sharing your blog post on image-sharing sites like Pinterest in itself creates backlinks. You have the option to share on multiple ‘boards’ to expand outreach.

Properly optimized images can go viral in a short span of time. Just imagine, if a lot of people share your images, you get a lot of quality backlinks to your site. All you have to do is invest in creating or finding a quality image that captures the viewer’s attention.


There is no magical software to build links with social media. This is the age of earning links. Earlier, link dumping used to work, but not anymore. What do you have to offer that makes people link to you? Create content keeping this question in mind.

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