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In this course, I’m going to show you how to add a top-list. Basically, it’s where you create listings (i.e. “Top 5 Dietary Supplements for Muscle Building”) and add as many list items as you want for your affiliate site. Creating a top-list is almost the same as adding a new post or page, so it should be quick and easy.

Step 1:

From your WordPress dashboard, go to Top Lists, and click on Add New.


Step 2:

Add the title of your top-list.


Step 3:

Add your content.


Step 4:

Once you’re done, fill in the necessary details such as your focus keyword(s), your SEO title, as well as the meta description. These are important because they help improve your site’s SEO. The WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin can help you with this.


Step 5:

From Top Reviews, select reviews you want to include in your top-list.

Top Reviews

You can add as many reviews as you want by clicking on the Add More Review button. The rank in the top listing table will be the same as the order of the data.

Add more review

Once you’re done, click on the Publish button on the right side of the screen.

That’s it for adding top-lists. Piece of cake, right?

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