By 2017, the number of email accounts around the world is expected to reach the astonishing number of 4,9 billion.

Even if the average office worker gets around 80 emails per day, 92% of people still consider email to be a valuable communication tool.

It’s calculated that email marketing has an ROI of 4,300%. Yes, that much!


Source: Anatomy of the Perfect Email

These are just some of the reasons why you should love email marketing because if it’s done the right way, it brings results. Constantly.

Even if people will not admit it (most of all because of SPAM), users love the convenience of receiving notifications and updates via email.

And when you are going to be able to exploit email marketing, you will notice how all the other strategies only serve to build a list and convey your best followers in one place. Your mailing list.

It’s the best strategy to create a relationship of trust and confidence with your fans and also to become an authority in your field.

Here are 8 tips to help you dominate email marketing.

1. Facilitate the Subscription or Cancellation Process

The more simple you do it, the more subscribers you will be able to generate.

Avoid endless clicks to get to the registration form. Just place the form where you’re actually launching the campaign.

Also, it would be appropriate to require as less information as possible. Normally name and email are more than enough.

With reference to the process of cancellation, that must be absolutely clear and simple.

Making easy the unsubscription guarantees to avoid any problems of SPAM. After all, where someone can’t opt-out from your newsletter, what would he do if not reporting you as a spammer?

Tip: keep in mind that people who do not want to receive your emails are just useless in your mailing list. So, better let them go.

2. Learn About Anti SPAM Rules in Your Country

In any country, you need to understand the SPAM rules and ensure your subscribers that you are one who respects the law.

You should also create a page for the processing of personal data (privacy policy) that more suspicious users can visit to know more about how you intend to use their details (ask an accountant or a lawyer to prepare it, if you want to avoid any kind of trouble).

This way, you will not only appear more professional, but also prevent to be labeled as the classic spammer, who can not wait to harass people with promotional emails of zero value.

Finally, just below the “submit” button of your newsletter form, enter a simple phrase that reminds people you hate SPAM, with a small link to your “privacy policy” page.

Tip: are you from U.S.? Learn about the federal CAN-SPAM legislation.

3. Optimize Your Emails for Mobile Devices

41% of emails are opened by mobile devices ().

So, you should be prepared and optimize your messages so that they can be easily read by smartphone or tablet.

Now, unless you are an expert to be able to work with HTML and create a design, the good news is that in most cases, autoresponders will offer a responsive email template (which means they’ll adapt to any screen size).

Tip: if your favorite autoresponder do not provide this service, then you should hire a designer to build a personalized template.

4. Make Your Emails Easy to Read

Making your text hard to read or simply writing too much in a single message, it could take the user to delete the email after a split second.

Divide into paragraphs and making the link visible. This will help your subscriber “to be willing” to read your email and maybe to continue the funnel by clicking on the link that you provided.

Tip: keep your message simple and short.

5. Use a Confidential Tone

If you are lucky enough to have the names of your users, you should address them directly. This will look like a personal email, not a classic mass mailing.

In any case, always use a confidential tone, using the second-person personal pronoun, making things easier when it comes to creating an engagement, even if just for an exchange of emails.

In certain markets, it can be difficult to use this writing tone, but, in the long run, that’s a tactic that pays out.

Tip: from time to time, share personal stories.

6. Create Segments

When you start doing email marketing, it’s really simple: you have a list and freebie. In a scenario like this, there is little to be segmented.

But as the business beings to grow, segmentation may be a good strategy to optimize profits, increasing them by up to 30%.

To give you a practical example, think about your audience and divide them based on the specific interests, or needs, or problems.

Tip: here’s a post by SmartInsights (7 Simple and Effective Ways to Use Email Segmentation).

7. Do Not Forget the Quality of Your Content

A good formula should be sending 90% of the emails of pure interesting and useful content and the rest of offers or commercial purpose.

Having a person in your mailing list does not mean you have the right to constantly bombard him with promotional emails or links to paid products.

So keep in mind the added value you should give to your subscribers, not only because slowly your list could be decimated, but also because people will start to get used to snub your emails because they already know that you just want to sell something. And this could be the end of your online business.

Tip: Here’s a free eBook by GetResponse ().

8. Be Honest

Being honest always pays, especially on the internet. When you are sincere, people will imagine you with a different eye.

They manage to better perceive your commitment and appreciate you much more.

Tip: I have a motto, which has worked for me since when I work online – Be Real, Be Honest, Be Yourself.


These are some simple tips to improve the management and effectiveness of your email marketing campaign.

Remember to track and analyze your results. There are many variables to check, as openings, click involvement, response, etc.

Do not forget that this strategy can be developed in many ways and the more you do (A/B testing), the more you manage to get higher sales conversions, as well to obtain an incredible advantage for your brand.
Chlor ist ein gelbgrünes, stechend riechendes, giftiges gas.

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