Facebook Ads Essentials

Three things you need to know about Facebook ads:

  • You can scale BIG (as in $100k/day big)
  • …which means they have the traffic you need
  • You can laser-target your ads for insane return on your ad investment.

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

I agree, it can be very overwhelming! So I made this course just for you.

In these training videos, I guide you step-by-step through setting up ads on Facebook.

But I must ask you one favor as your teacher – please, please follow my simple instructions on setting up tracking.

The #1 key to success in the ENTIRE history of advertising is to know which ads are making you money and which ads are duds.

Learning Facebook ads is 80% of the work. Setting up tracking is 20%, but it can help you get 80% of the results.


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