MentorMe Interview With BuildPath Founder Ian Mason

Eric over at MentorMe  Podcast just posted his interview with BuildPath founder Ian Mason. In this episode, Ian shares his background, how he ended up with over 50 websites generating over $3.1 million and growing; and gives tips if you’re new and wanting to start your own lifestyle business like Ian has built. Click here to listen to the interview over at MentorMe. You can also subscribe to MentorMe podcast on iTunes.

Matt Left His Cubicle To Live The “Internet Guy” Lifestyle – Here’s How He Did It…

Matt was not my ideal student. At least that’s what I thought… When I started offering training, I had always assumed that anyone who had a stressful 9-5 day job AND a family just wouldn’t be able to dedicate enough time or focus to take action and succeed with my training. Matt has proved me VERY wrong, and I couldn’t be happier!

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