Sites like Lynda, SkillFeed and similar are really good at helping people learn specific skills, such as how to use Adobe Photoshop CC for photo editing. But that often leads students to search for work in the extremely competitive freelance world, often without much to differentiate themselves.

We Need Your Help To Accomplish Our Mission

We help students develop skills with the ultimate purpose of founding or growing their business.

You can learn how to retouch family photos at Lynda. It’s great. But here I want to teach you to make ad creatives for your marketing campaigns.

I want us to have training courses on popular marketing automation tools, tracking and analytics solutions, paid traffic sources, and much more.

This doesn’t mean we can’t have courses on HTML, PHP or Apple Swift. But the bottom line is this: Our vision is for courses to be geared towards business founders, rather than skilled workers.

We help students develop just the skills they need to create their own products and services; to found their own unique businesses instead only helping someone else achieve that.

If you’re interested in joining the cause as an instructor creating courses for BuildPath, please contact me directly at ian(at)